How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on?

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How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on? As a cyclist, you’re likely to come with worn-out chains or chains that are slipping off. Even while you’re on the road, you shouldn’t be startled if your bike chain slips off from your frame.

 As a responsible bike owner, you have your own methods for reinstalling the bike chain. It is a standard maintenance procedure that you do on your bike regularly.

How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on
How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on

If, on the other hand, your bike chain often slips off, you may have overlooked one or two crucial stages in how to put a bicycle chain back on. This situation may be similarly aggravating, especially if you make the same mistakes over and over.

As a result, we went over how to put a bike chain back on your bike frame step by step towards making your life a lot smoother. It entails reattaching the bike chain to the sprocket, removing the jammed chain, threading the chain with pedals, and doing final tests.

In this Article, We cover two methods, as well as video tutorials. To truly understand it, read to the end.

  1. Replacing a broken chain on a bike 
  2. Slipped chain back on a bike

Tools We Need

Bikehand 37pcs Bike Bicycle Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench

This Bikehand Tool Kit comes with a range of most common bike tools. It is very easy to use for regular bike service, such as cleaning chain, changing tire, changing bottom bracket, adjust shifter and brake cables.

A new bike chain(Optional)

How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on

A chain breaker tool

How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on

A bike stand

Master link pliers

How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on

Replacing a Broken chain on a bike

Prepare Bike and Examine Chain 

Properly put the bicycle on the bike stand. It makes working with your bike more comfortable. Instead, you may flip your bike around so the saddle and handlebars are on the ground.

Check for a break in the chain next. You should be able to readily detect the two different endpoints of the link if it’s dangling freely from the sprocket. Start putting on a new chain if the old one has fully fallen off.

Removing Broken Chain 

If you’ve determined that your chain needs to be changed, the first step is to take the old one-off. If your chain is fully broken, simply turn the pedal till the chain comes entirely off the sprocket.

Threading a New bike chain with a derailleur

For smooth and secure riding, the new chain must be threaded properly through the rear derailleur.

Thread the “female” end of the new chain around the bottom sprocket, then around the top sprocket. If you follow these steps correctly, your new chain will only come into contact with the sprocket.

Remember: If your bike doesn’t have a derailleur, you may just put the chain into the back sprocket and pedal as needed.

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Attach the edges of the chain

Pull the new chain up and thread thru the smallest sprocket in the rear cassette once it has been threaded properly through the derailleur.

Turn the pedals while threading your new chain through the front derailleur.

Link the two ends of your new chain when it has been put accurately through the complete gear system and return to pedaling. To achieve this, you’ll need the chain tool once again.

For a greater understanding, watch this video.

How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on

Putting the slipped chain back on the bike

Identify the chain comes off the sprocket

Your chain will deviate from its axis. It’s doesn’t need any repair in this instance. You must slip your chain back onto the sprocket if it is still threaded thru the gear and derailleurs system.

Fixing Jammed chain 

You must free the chain out from the rear wheel if it is caught between both the frame and the rear sprocket. To do so, first, loosen the quick release on the back wheel, then tighten the wheel nut. Continue to loosen the back wheel until the chain comes free.

Loosen the Bike Chain (Bikes with Rear Derailleur)

If your bicycle has a rear derailleur, releasing the bicycle chain should be a piece of cake. Loosen your chain and afterward wrap it around your front sprocket.

You must precisely push a little lever positioned in the middle of the rear wheel. Your bike chain will loosen at that point. Then, wrap the opposite end of your bike chain over the front sprocket. Release the lever on the back derailleur after that. Ensure that your chain is secure.

Turn the pedals(Bikes with No Rear Derailleur)

When your bicycle may not have a derailleur, you’ll have to turn the pedals to get your chain back. To begin, connect the chain to the back sprocket. Then, before carefully moving the pedal reverse, connect as many links as possible onto the top of your front sprocket.

Final Inspection of the chain 

Gradually move the pedals till the chain is frictionless. You should not be doing chain slippage if your bike is a repaired kind. Instead, before cycling again, you must slide the wheel backward.

Finally, when you’ve reinstalled the bike chain, go for a slow ride to examine your bike chain.

For a good approach, watch this video.

How to Put a Bicycle Chain Back on

Wrapping Up

As previously said, replacing a bike chain is not as difficult as many people believe. Rather, it’s a quick and painless procedure that just takes a few minutes.

Ideally, by following this advice on how to put a bicycle chain back on, you will be able to do so without the assistance of a professional. You will be able to save time and money as a result of this.

Furthermore, if you have an idea, please don’t forget to share that with us by leaving a comment. We’d be delighted to respond to your inquiries. Please share it with other bike owners so that everyone can benefit from our tips.


How do you fix a chain that fell off?

It’s usually just a question of changing the limit screws on your back derailleur if your chain is falling off at the back. Put the chain on the smallest chainring (at the front) as well as the biggest sprocket.

What causes a bicycle chain to come off?

The majority of the time, a bicycle chain continually falling off can be triggered by the chain itself and a defective transmission system adjustment. After a long period of riding, the chain will stretch, causing damage to both chainrings and cassette teeth, forcing the chain to leap.

Why does my bike chain fall off when I pedal backward?

While cycling backward, tight links in a chain might lead it to slip off the chainwheel since they’re not flowing as nicely as they should be. A bicycle’s chain systems must function like a well-oiled machine. The chain’s motion must be smooth, and any tight links might cause this to be disrupted.

Why won’t my chainstay on my bike?

Cable strain is the most common cause of a skipping chain. Your shift cables stretch the greatest during the first half dozen rides on a new bike. They can also extend out over time while you’re riding. “It needs cable strain to open a derailleur, which changes your chain among gears,” Hippley says.

How do you take off a bike chain without a master link?

If you’re working with a conventional chain that doesn’t have a master link, place the chain inside the chain tool with both the pin connected with a point in the chain. Rotate the chain tool’s lever till you can break the chain by pushing the pin out farther.

Can a bicycle chain be put on backward?

If you’re cleaning an old chain and putting it back on, make sure it’s in the same orientation as it once was. Failure to change the chain in the same manner as previously will lead inside the chain and gears sliding signs of wear and strain.

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