Meghan and Prince Harry's Nervous Encounter!

By: Shaan Rathore

NYC cab driver reveals Duke and Duchess of Sussex's nervous encounter with paparazzi during a 10-minute drive.

Witness describes Harry and Meghan's headline-making journey, blocked by a garbage truck and surrounded by photographers.

The couple reportedly experienced a "near-catastrophic car chase" but were unharmed.

An anonymous paparazzi driver shares details of the "tense" chase and defensive maneuvers.

Photo agency Backgrid USA to investigate Prince Harry's allegations, denies near-collisions or crashes.

Harry and Meghan sought refuge at a Manhattan police station after leaving an awards ceremony.

Cab driver believes exaggerated reports, insists New York City is safe with police presence.

Mr Singh states paparazzi stayed behind and maintained distance, not being aggressive

No reported injuries or collisions during the incident, according to New York police.

Duke and Duchess were accompanied by Meghan's mother for the event.